The Knowledge Society and Adult Education

In the context of globalization, market economy is related with knowledge society where workforce with knowledge and education has become a major driving force in attracting businesses and industries to a particular region or a country. Major companies and manufacturing industries locate their plants where qualified workers live. For example, recently, many North American information technology firms moved their plants to India where they can find qualified information technologists at a cheaper cost. Furthermore, due to the expansion of technology and communication qualified workers relocate where they can utilize their training and knowledge. Some researchers showed that globalization led brain circulation instead of brain drain.

When skilled and professional workers move between rich countries or return to their motherland after migrating to another country is known as brain circulation.  In the era of globalization knowledge society is replaced by industrial society. This social transformation has some important implications for adult learning. For example, during the 21st century, there have been significant changes in the requirements of competencies of new graduates who enter into the labour market. Today many employers intend the range of soft skills such as team work, problem solving skills, and interpersonal skills. Therefore, traditional learning approaches are not sufficient to fulfill such needs. Currently, knowledge has become a central force of economic activity. Human and intellectual capital play significant role in the prosperity of individuals, companies and nations. Innovation becomes a major driving force of modern economic development. Therefore, to fulfill the current labour market demand it is necessary to implement a learner centered teaching approach instead of teacher centered. I think that such a teaching approach may assist to develop competencies among new graduates which are required for the 21st century.


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