Flipped Class Room – Presented by Shelly Pratio Cantelo

Shelly conducted interesting and insightful presentation about flipped class room method. Using the digital project, she provided a good overview of the fundamental elements of flipped class room. Then, she discussed about the pros and cons of this learning approach. According to her presentation, flipped class room method has both advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, she mentioned that flipped class room method helps to create active learning environment and student engagement in the learning process. Similarly, she indicated that flipped class room leads to create social interaction among adult learners. According to my Knowledge, Shelly covered all the aspects of flipped class room method. However, she did not emphasize the role of this particular learning approach on creating employability skills among adult learners. It is my opinion that this is the very important advantage related with flipped class room method. In addition, she generalized the applying new technology with flipped class room methods. However, I think that strength of applying new technology to flipped class room method is based on the nature of that particular subject. In other words, application of new technology to flipped class room method may not be similar in every field of studies.

Link : www.powtoon.com/m/e8lnFlhCK/1!mode=movie


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