Introverts and Adult Learning

A video clip presented by well known writer Susan Cain shows that introverts are persons who gain motivation from being alone and lose energy in stimulating environment. According to this video, introverts take considerable amount of time to respond to external stimulation compared with extrovert. In other words, introverts are easily over stimulated without stimulation from the outside world. Introverts have longer pathway to process stimuli. In general, information goes through pathway which is associated with long-term memory and planning. In short, it is a complex process for introverts to process interactions and events. When introverts present information, they carefully attend to their internal thoughts and feelings simultaneously. Extroverts’ brain operates on an energy spending nervous system and introverts’ brain acts on an energy conserving nervous system. Therefore, introverts energize when they read books or engage in thinking deeply. Introverts are very in critical analysis and deliberate thinking. Therefore, instructors should have ability understand specific learning behavior to follow strategies for engagement of introverts towards active learning. On this post, I provide number of strategies that can be used to create active learning environment for introverts in adult learning.

Introverts do not perform well under pressure. Therefore, I will provide deadlines related to different learning activities ahead of time. In doing so, I will ensure their space in the learning community. I will also follow some strategies to take away them from other people to give more space and freedom on their learning activities. In addition, I will also make special attention to give them work which are able to carry out without the help of other people. As mentioned previously, introverts are very good in critical analysis and deliberate thinking. Therefore, in group work and other assignment, I will give them activities, which need much care and attention. Some researchers indicated that introverts are deliberate thinkers and prefer to work in structured environment. Given that, I will create a predictable environment where they can carry out learning activities with certainty. Furthermore, I will provide daily and weekly updates on well defined goals of each activity. Similarly, introverts do not like to get attention from large crowd. However, they prefer appreciation for their activities at the individual level. Therefore, I will provide appreciation for their contribution to the learning process in person. It is my opinion that the above mentioned changes to my teaching approach will provide motivation for introverts to engage in active learning environment in the class room.




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