Learning From Mistakes-Presented by Christopher Lowe

Chris provides a very impressive presentation on learning from mistakes at adult learning class room at post-secondary institutes using software prezi. This presentation provides in depth overview of learning from mistakes in adult learning environment. The presenter indicates that mistakes are normal events in the adult learning process. Therefore, nobody should be afraid of mistakes doing in the adult class room. However, the presenter emphasizes the importance of learning from that particular mistake. Furthermore, the presenter elaborates upon how to teach students to learn from mistakes. It is my opinion that the presenter attempts to provide learning experience to students without making any emotional or psychological hurt. At this scenario, the presenter shows that when students make mistakes, we as instructors should not say “you did a mistake”. Instead an instructor should lead the students to learn from other students and then, identify his/her own mistakes. Furthermore, Chris provides a fare analysis of pros and cons associated with this strategy. Similarly, he discussed about the best practices of this particular learning strategy and it may provide some guidelines for instructors in applying this method for adult learning. Therefore, my opinion is that this presentation is consistent very well with the learning rubric. However, the presenter made generalization about learning from mistakes not only for educational institutes but also work places. I think that this is not consistent with reality of work place where mistakes lead to substantial damages. Suppose a financial analyst at an investment company may advise his/her client to invest in risky products and it may eventually lead to huge losses. Under such a scenario, I do not think that there is a room for further learning from mistake. The obvious outcome is that the analyst would be fired. Therefore, as instructors we should not generalize the applicability of learning from mistakes for every fields in the real world.






Link: https://prezi.com/eaqx06uvsrlo/learning-from-mistakes/?utm-campaign=share&utm_medium=copy



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