Simulation: Experimental Learning –Presented by Angela Richardson

Angela conducted interesting and impressive presentation on simulation and experimental learning in the field of nursing. At the beginning of the presentation, she summarized learning objectives and provided a brief clarification on each objective. Furthermore, at the beginning of the digital project, Angela provided a good overview of the simulation techniques and its application to the field of nursing. Given that using number of slides she made a very good elaboration on the application of simulation in relation to CPR training. This strategy is very impressive because slides provide pictures that describe how to use simulation in the real world setting. I think that such a strategy helps to create active learning environment in the class room. Then she explained pros and cons of simulation as well as best practices of simulation. Furthermore, her presentation clearly describes the role of instructor and the learner in applying simulation in real world class room. According to my understanding, Angela followed rubric very well and made an impressive contribution to learning strategies by developing a digital project. However, her presentation implicitly assumes that simulation may be equally applied for any field of studies. This generalization may not be true for some field of studies. i.e. economics, sociology, or political science.

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