Incorporate Competition Appropriately –Presented by Abbas Mojarrab

Abbas provides very interesting and attractive presentation on incorporate appropriate competition for adult learning at post-secondary institutes using Powtown. This presentation provides in depth overview of the appropriate competition and real world application of this strategy for adult learning. Throughout the presentation, Abbas uses both verbal and visual explanation to clarify the importance of this particular strategy in adult learning.  The presenter clearly demonstrates how to use this learning strategy to promote motivation and active learning in the class room. He used new technology in attractive manner to present his ideas throughout the presentation. It is my opinion that the presenter does an excellent job in engaging students for learning activities. However, the presenter does not describe the role of the instructor and role of the learner in applying this particular method. Furthermore, he does not explain pros and cons of this particular learning strategy. Similarly, he completely forgets to discuss about the best practices of setting appropriate competition for adult learners in the class. Therefore, I am not sure about the consistency of presentation to learning rubric. My other important observation is that it is not clear what types of tools should be used by instructor to create appropriate competition in the class room.



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