Augmented Reality and Student Engagement

Augmented reality transforms the learning or work place environment into digital interface. There are three main categories of augmented reality such as augmented reality 3-D viewers, augmented reality browsers, and games using augmented reality. An instructor can use life-size 3D viewer models to reflect class room learning environment. Augmented reality browser can be used to enrich camera. Gaming can also be used to create active learning environment. For example, economists show that companies act as players in their daily business activities. In this game, firms always attempt to maximize their profits through defeating their competitors. Game designer can construct a program to reflect the behaviour of firm in real world business activities. An instructor can use such a game to teach theory of firm to students in micro-economic class. I think that an exercise may motivate students in active learning.

As mentioned in previous postings traditional content based lecture style is not an effective strategy for creating active learning environment in the class room. Under such class room setting, students passively participate in learning activity. This is just sufficient to transform verbal information into written notes. Therefore, traditional lecture style does not help to retain information. When an instructor adds visual information such as power point slides or physical demonstration, the lecture becomes attractive to learners. As a result, learners process both verbal and visual information, and this situation increases the probability of retention of information in the memory of learners. This does not indicate that lecturing is an ineffective learning method. It is a good learning strategy for short duration. When an instructor combines a lecture with augmented reality, it creates learning environment where students can retain more information that they learn.


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