Small Group Tutorial

This Strategy can be used to practice critical thinking among adult learners. When an instructor follows this strategy, he/she requests a group of 5-6 students to write essays and meet with the instructor. Then, an instructor asks one students to read the essay and interrupts to make points or ask questions. This traditional British style learning approach helps to promote intellectual skills and high academic skills among students. In addition to instructor’s comments, this learning approach creates benefits for students through hearing and interchanging between teacher and peer students. Similarly, this approach provides students with very meaningful interactions with the teacher. This strategy becomes more effective learning technique when teachers can interact with students at the moment. Instead of using small group assignment, an instructor can use tutorials that lead to capstone project, monitor independent research project, improve research skills, and conduct program of guided readings. In addition, an instructor can invite students to provide feedback of peers’ work with constructive suggestions. He/she also can think about employing senior students and TAs to carry out tutor’s role.

The major challenge of this approach is to provide a supportive structure where students encourage to carryout independence and responsibility related with learning activities. The primary objective of this strategy is to assist adult learners to become independent in their studies. Therefore, instructors should have sufficient patient to wait when students struggle to thin through and find solutions. Generally teachers need to be more sensitive to interpersonal interactions when they teach individual students rather than teach in large classes. Under such class environment, teachers should provide constructive feedback to their learners but not to engender defensiveness. Teachers should encourage students to ask questions but should not encourage them to be dependent on teachers. Similarly, teachers should maintain their authority and control over class room but still consider post-secondary students as adult learners. This means when instructors follow this strategy, they should encourage students provide lead and help when they are necessary.



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