Split Room Debate

This is one of the strategies that can be used for practicing critical thinking skills in the class room. When an instructor applies this strategy in the class room, he/she should provide a brief presentation about the topic or case study to the class room. In doing so, an instructor should select a controversial topic that relevant to the course debate and overall learning goals. In addition, an instructor should decide whether some background information is necessary for students to engage with debate. If so, an instructor should provide lectures, discussions, and reading materials to the class room. This learning strategy works very well, if students have sufficient knowledge about the topic. This means an instructor should pursue students to read necessary materials, watch videos, and listen to lecture before engaging split room debate. Students can receive substantial benefits through participating, listening, and preparing for split class room debate. This strategy increases motivation, promote logical thinking, and develops communication proficiency. Furthermore, this learning technique is able to lead class room to a focused, in depth, multiple perspectives, and analysis of issues. Similarly, this kind of strategy encourages students to challenge their existing assumptions. As a result, this learning approach may assist to create new concepts, knowledge, and theories.


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