Gamification by Shirley Tan-Tompkins

Shirley provides a very impressive presentation on gamification and its implication for adult learning at post-secondary institutes using software Prezi. This presentation provides in depth overview of gamification. At the beginning of the presentation, she provided music and it gives motivation for learners to watch the video. Furthermore, the presenter emphasizes the importance of technology in adult learning and shows that technology is only a mean but not the end of the education. Then, the presenter provides a description about the best practices of gamification. Following that Shirley applies some images to describe the role of teachers and students in using games as a learning strategy. This provides visual images for learners about the role of teachers and learners in adult learning process. Then, she discusses the pros and cons of gamification and concludes the presentation. According to my understanding, Shirley followed all the steps of rubric and included the all the components of gamification that are important to promote adult learning. In addition, the presenter shows that though gamification is important to promote adult learning, games that are not designed well lead to create disengagement. At the end of the presentation, the presenter provides some statistics about application of games in adult learning. However, Shirley did not provide the nature of that experiment and it reduces the value of these statistics.



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