Gamification is a very popular strategy in current adult learning environment. In gamification, game based mechanism and game thinking is used to engage students and motivate them in adult learning process. Recently, online games, videos, and computers have become common elements of the life of college students. There are some commercial games such as civilization and rise of nations that have academic and intellectual elements. Furthermore, there are games that are developed for college level classes. Currently, teachers and vendors display some games that are design for educational purposes in the academic and disciplinary conferences. Teachers can use electronic game characteristics to teach study goals and interactions among adult learners. In addition, games are easily applied for role playing, problem solving, and board games. Researchers showed that using interactive games lead to high level of retention of information. In gaming, teachers can use both verbal and visual information. As a result information retention dramatically increases. This does not indicate that lectures are not important components of adult learning. However, lectures accompanied with gaming may assist to increase the level of retention of information.

There are number of best practices related with using games in adult learning. They are given as follows:
i. Gamification should be used only for improving and motivating learning
ii It should aim to engage learners in attractive manner
iii Game should be used for learning through trial and error
iv Follow simple and clear rules on scoring and wining
v Conduct evaluation and testing on every elements of the game


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