Role Play

Role play is also a popular strategy that used for practicing creative thinking in the class room.  This is a participatory technique that allows students to gain experience the emotional and intellectual responses of assumed identity or imaginary environment.  The word “Role” implies that students actively apply knowledge, skills, and understanding to critically analyze the given problem. The word “Play” indicates that students apply their imagination and act their parts in nonthreatening environment. When an instructor uses role play as a learning strategy he/she should give sufficient time for students to understand the purpose of the role play. If students do not understand the learning goals they may be in off track and role play seems to be artificial. In this strategy, students should have sufficient understanding about the character that they are going to perform. If so, they may be more effective in the role that they play. When the role is more complicated students needs to conduct prior research to understand the nature and activities assigned to the character. However, in some instances, some students may be not enthusiastic about the role play. Under such a situation, an instructor should have to take necessary actions to reduce their discomfort and create nonthreatening environment. In doing so, an instructor can conduct ice breaker activities at the beginning of the term. The objective of this exercise is not to improve acting skills but rather to achieve specific learning goals.  Therefore, eventually, an instructor should lead students to assume observer role.


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