Welcome to PIDP 3260 Professional Ethics


I am an environmental/development economist with extensive training in valuation of environmental and natural resources, rural and regional development issues, and social science research methods. My career goal is to be a professor at a teaching or research University in Canada. My professional goal is to make significant contribution to strengthen body of knowledge of economics of food and resource studies through research and teaching. I conducted research on economic policy reforms, food security and poverty reduction, and economics of natural resource management. I published my research findings in academic peer reviewed journals, such as Regional Development Studies and Asia Pacific Journal of Rural Development. I also presented some of my research findings at annual conferences of Association of Environmental and Natural Resource Economists (AERE), Canadian Society for Ecological Economists (CANSEE), and Sri Lanka Economic Association (SLEA). In addition, I have teaching experience from post-secondary in Canada and Sri Lanka.


My career goal is to be an instructor/ a professor at teaching or research University in Canada. In the context of globalization, class rooms at post-secondary institutes in North America are full of diversity, online learning, and application of social media in teaching and learning. Therefore, current class rooms at post-secondary institutes have become complex places where, conventional lecture based teaching style fail to address issues related to diversity, use of social media, and developing soft-skills or employability skills among graduate students. Due to such changes, teaching and learning have become context dependent.

I selected PIDP 3260 because it teaches me themes and concepts of effective instruction and elaborates upon strategies to develop instructional competencies. These competencies will help me to address the above mentioned complexity of class rooms. In addition, PIDP 3260 provides a good description about formal and informal assessment procedures for the instruction. Furthermore, this course will help me to gain more knowledge on professional practice in teaching and learning at post-secondary institutes. The course also teaches how to use feedback mechanism to improve instructor’s professional practice in teaching. It also highlights the purpose and methods of course evaluation. Furthermore, PIDP 3260 emphasizes the importance of professional development plan in career management. Considering the above facts, I would say that PIDP 3260 presents necessary inputs for participants to build a successful teaching career.



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