Go for the Goal- Presented by Alisha Wood

Alisha makes very interesting and attractive presentation on goals using Powtoon. This presentation applies both visual images and written texts throughout the presentation to engage students in the learning process. As a result, the presenter is able to provide active learning environment for students in the class. At the beginning of the presentation, Alisha provides the definition of goal in attractive manner using the letters “SMART”. I think that such an approach is very helpful to retain attention of students in learning process. Then, she discusses about the role of teachers and role of learners in setting goals. In presenting these slides, the presenter uses written text, visual images, and sound system throughout the presentation. Therefore, the presentation is able to create active learning environment and lead to engage students in learning process. However, it is not clear that Alisha does follow learning rubric. She does not discuss about the best practices related to setting goals. However, the presenter shows how instructor can integrate written text, visual image, and sound system to create a learning strategy that leads to student engagement.

LINK: https://www.powtoon.com/online-presentation/b7UGBicU8pW/?mode=movie#/


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